Shareholder Analysis

Shareholder Analysis

Financial Summary: Index NEX Exchange as at 6 November 2017

Status NEX Exchange
Stock Code AFPO
Sector General Mining
Financial year end 30 June
Total issued share capital 2,087,223,583 Ordinary Shares
Total voting capital 2,087,223,583 Ordinary Shares
Percentage issued share capital not in public hands 2.20%

There are no restrictions on the transfer of AIM securities

Key Shareholders as at 6 November 2017 which hold more than 3% in the Company

  Number Percent
A Broomhead 111,111,111 5.3%
D Macdonald 100,000,000 4.8%


The interests of the Directors

  Number Percent
Chris Cleverly 6,000,000 0.29%
Mark Simmonds 40,000,000 1.92%